(Industry Forum for YP & WIE)

Influences of EDGE Device’s Instant Decision: From Bio-Tech, FinTech to Sustainable Energy & Beyond

Co-organized as Industry Forum with IEEE Region 10 Industry Relations Committee


Tuesday, March 19|15:00-16:00
Ballroom B, 10F
Chair(s): Chris Gwo Giun Lee (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)

Abstract: In view of aging societies, significance of digital economy and global warming, this Industry Forum is organized together with Young Professionals (YP) and Women in Engineering (WIE) within IEEE Circuits and Systems Society with industry leaders, investors, and venture capitalists invited to share their visions on how current state-of-the-art in EDGE/mobile devices, capable of near real-time decisions, may influence our daily life from the perspectives of healthcare, finance, and energy. Upon addressing the pain spots of these industry sectors, internship and potential industry/academia collaboration opportunities upon current Technology 4.0 entrepreneur landscape will also be speculated


Moderator: Chris Gwo Giun Lee (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)


Artificial intelligence in Medicare: benefits and opportunities

Jessie Yu-Shin Wang (Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories, ITRI)

Abstract: Artificial intelligence is the hottest buzzword in recent medical and healthcare expo or exhibitions, as more than half of the global learer expect an expansion of AI in monitoring and diagnosis equipment. Whether it is computer-assisted technology, decision making process, robotic, or manufacturing automation, the new technology is changing our lifestyle and accelerate product development process. In the presentation, the mHealth solution powered by new-generation AI developed by ITRI is introduced. We also investigate the mHealth product marketing from the regulatory perspective and explore the possibilities of R&D roadmap implementation in medicare.
Topics: Mobile Health in “making healthcare more accessible” via “Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an extension of telemedicine”.  How medical expertise and experiences could be extended in reaching out towards remote or home care facilities via AI. Internship opportunities or potential academia collaborations with ITRI will be discussed.


What banks are doing in Fintech

Michelle Wang (Senior Vice President, Head of Big Data Intelligence Center, Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank)
Honorable Guests: EVP Sheila Chuang & Digital Banking Advisor Wei-Bin Lee

Topics: Sharing how Fubon’s mobile APP software may provide more customized services for personalized finance management with intermediacy. Experience sharing on leadership in enterprises and Fubon’s internship and/or potential collaboration opportunities with academia will also be given.


Rapid Evolution of Disruptive Digital Transformation to Society 5.0. Global Trend on Impact of Fintech by AI and Blockchain Technology

Andy Chen (President & CEO of Catronic Enterprise, Founding Managing Partner, REDDS Capital)

Topics: Global vision sharing on Fintech and current entrepreneur landscape in the linking of distributed energy data via blockchain and corresponding cybersecurity.


15:50~16:00      Q&A